and it shall be bestowed upon you, the star which you have longed forー

about me...

✧ aoi
✦ she/her
✧ minor
✦ spain
✧ spanish, english
✦ studying german
✧ enfj-t + true neutral

before you follow...

✦ RT heavy + caps + keysmashing + occasional vents (very rare)
✧ i tend to get very affecionate and ask if you're ok usually, if this bothers you just lmk!
✦ adults can interact, just don't be creepy please
✧ do not ask for my age unless we're at least friends
✦ i lovemail my faves A LOT!!!
✧ i am very passionate about my interests and i get excited super easily, please keep that in mind!
✦ please be careful with mentions of bullying. you can talk to me about it, but please be careful.

do not follow if...

✧ you're a terf/map/nomap/pear
✦ you're lgbt+phobic or racist
✧ you ship/support incest
✦ you steal art from others and repost it as your own
✧ you (actively) hate my favourite characters/ships

interests and hobbies...

✧ love live!
✦ shoujo☆kageki revue starlight
✧ bandori
✦ steven universe

✦ languages
✧ flags
✦ geography & history
✧ acting
✦ rollerblading

favourite characters...

✦ love live: hanayo koizumi, kanan matsuura, umi sonoda, emma verde
printemps/azalea; chikadia/rinpana

✦ revue starlight: liu meifan, maya tendou, rui akikaze, karen aijou
seisho/rinmeikan/siegfeld; meikira/junyuyu/tamarui

✦ bandori: maya yamato, ran mitake, kasumi toyama, chisato shirasagi
pasupare/roselia/afterglow; misahagu/kokohina